Library News

Welcome to December. Thank you for all the excellent feedback we’ve received about our Visiting Author Elana K Arnold. We don’t have any authors with us now until late April, but there are still plenty of things going on in the library.

December 2nd– Celebrate that we have checked out over 28,000 books since school started in August. Yes, 28 THOUSAND.

December 17-Try to get as many of the 931 overdue books returned to the library before Winter Break. 

January 14th-March 5th Ms Stella and I will be running After School Activities for English and Chinese Panda Book Awards

March 6th-We host the Elementary division of Battle of the Books on Pudong Campus (more info to follow)

March 15th-April 15th-Voting for Panda Book Awards

April 13th, 20th and 27thBooks to Eat Competition in ES Library (more info to follow)

and THEN

April 20th-April 24th Le Uyen Pham and Meg Medina are on campus as cross divisional Visiting Authors and Illustrator


You can find out more about Authors, Battle of the Books, Panda Books and Books to Eat by clicking on some of the links below. I have Libguides full of information for you to read, including photos of your students, our volunteers, and the wonderful books we are reading. 

Book Lists

If you are looking for some great holiday reading, there are plenty of links to ‘Best of’ Book lists on my 2019-2020 Award Winning Books or Book Lists Libguides. 

Remember to read for pleasure, read with your children, in front of your children and listen to your children read. That is what makes a reader a reader.

Remember to check out some photos of what happens every day in our Elementary Library, we have photos of our volunteers, our students and the books they read on our Welcome to the Elementary Library Libguide

Here are some links for you to check out more resources from our Elementary Library

Battle of the Books Libguide

Panda Books Libguide

Le Uyen Pham Visiting Author Libguide

Meg Medina Visiting Author Libguide

How To Hour

How To Hour Follow Up

Thank you to the parents who attended How To Hour in the Library on Friday. To follow up on some things we discussed, below is more information for you.

While we don’t have a list of recommended reading lists for each grade level in the library, that is not because they don’t exist. We don’t actively promote them as our philosophy is that when students are in the library, they are guided in book choice firstly by what they choose to read, with ample guidance from me as their librarian, Ms Stella and Ms Joji and from 2nd-5th grade, their classroom teacher who is an active participant during this check out period.

Book lists for children of all ages are plentiful on the internet. Here are some of my go-to sites for such things:

Pernille Ripp

Pragmatic Mom

A Mighty Girl

Nerdy Book Club

Picture Book Blogger

Imagination Soup

What do we do all day

Your Mission…

Today, your mission is to:

*Go to, go to Pudong Elementary Library, login to your account using your 7 digit school ID number.

*Go to My Info and RENEW one of your books (even if you don’t need to renew it)

*Go to Catalog and find a book that is NOT available, eg 0 of 1 available and HOLD IT

This message will self destruct in ten minutes…

News from the Library

Welcome to the Elementary Library

It has been a wonderful beginning to the year in the Elementary Library. The returning students walked in oohing and aahing over the new space, briefly mourn the loss of the loft, and check out many, many books. The new students quickly get the hang of things, and know they can approach Ms Stella, Ms Joji and me with any questions.

With more than 1/3 of our Elementary Students being new to SAS this year, it seems like a good time to share some information about our library.

Our Shanghai American School Library houses the largest collection of English books in all of China, and although our ES Pudong library is the smallest of our 4 libraries, it has close to 30,000 titles in its physical, and digital collection…How lucky are we?

We currently have 60 kindles, 60 Ipod nano’s and 20 Ipads all loaded with books, (some kindles have over 150 books on them) so there is no shortage of new reading material available. If there is a book you want to read, and we don’t have it in our Pudong Elementary library, check destiny to see if we have it somewhere else, like Middle School, or Puxi Campus. If you can’t find it there, let me know and I’ll order it for next year, and possibly purchase on kindle, audio or Ibooks if it is available.

We encourage your children to bring back their library books as they finish them; and not wait until their allocated library day to return them. They can place books on the blue cart in the main hallway as they enter the Elementary School in the morning. Kinder and Pre K students can place them in a basket in their classroom and they will be brought over each morning by a library helper. Each book checked out by children and parents is for 14 days

To use our database to see what is available in our library go to and click on Pudong Elementary then log in using your school ID number as the username AND password. From here you can check the catalog to see what we have, go to ‘my info’ to see what you have checked out, and renew books as long as they are not already overdue.

Guidelines for Check Out

We encourage students to check out many books through the year.

Each time they come to the library:

Pre K can check out 3 books *

Kindergarten can check out 5 books *

1st Grade can check out 5 books *

*(this is the maximum students can have checked out at any one time)

Grade 2-Grade 5 can have UNLIMITED check-out privileges; so they need to use their common sense and make sure they don’t check out more books than they can read/carry.

While Grade 2-Grade 5 students check out is unlimited, within that, they can check out a maximum of:

-3 Graphic Novels

-3 DVD’s

-3 Books in a Series

We encourage EVERY student in Elementary to check out at least ONE non-fiction book each check out period.

Additional Lunch Recess Library Visits

Monday and Wednesday-Grades 2 and 4 are allowed to check out in the library during their lunch recess time. If the day is too hot/wet/polluted you are welcome to stay and read. If the day is fine, we’ll send you out to play once you’ve checked out your books.

Tuesday and Thursday-Grades 3 and 5 are allowed to check out in the library during their lunch recess time. If the day is too hot/wet/polluted you are welcome to stay and read. If the day is fine, we’ll send you out to play once you’ve checked out your books.

Parent Check Out

Each parent is allowed to have 10 books checked out in their name at any one time. Please come in and see us to find out how we can help you this year in the library.

Parent Volunteers

We have a robust volunteer system in the Elementary Library. Some parents volunteer for a regular time, some drop in when they can, or if we e mail them specifically to ask for help, and some spend an hour or two when they come in to school for a child’s activity, and have some extra spare time.

If you think you would like to volunteer, we will have a welcome meeting on Friday September 6th, straight after the Principal’s Coffee. It will also be an information session on using our library catalog and databases, as well as general advice on making the most of your child’s library experience. You won’t be pressured to volunteer; it’s just a chance for you to learn more about what we can offer you such as access to Sora (overdrive) Flipster and RB Digital which you can also read more about here.

We can’t wait to greet you all in the library. With over 1,000 new books, bringing our collection to about 30,000 items, there really is something in our library for everyone!

We are so excited to have you as part of our community. I think you’ll agree with me that the facilities we have at SAS are second to none, and when it comes to the Libraries at our school, that is indeed the case.

Ms Joji, Ms Stella and Mrs Power


Books to Eat Round 3

Well done 4th and 5th grade. We had 36 entries today, made by 51 people with edible creations representing Harry Potter, Minecraft, Dinosaurs, Jerry Spinelli, Laura Numeroff, Mercy Watson, Fenway and Hattie and more. It is always so wonderful seeing the books that the students choose to share with us. Sometimes it is because they want to copy the front cover, or a scene from the book. sometimes it is an image of the main character, or even a food that someone eats in the story; our students are really so creative and clever.

Thank you to all the families that contributed over the last few weeks to this fun family activity. Whether you bought ingredients, helped stir in a mixture, or completely guided the way, I hope you enjoyed participating with your child in Books to Eat 2019.

Until next year, keep reading, keep cooking, and keep being creative with your kids.

Cheers, Kimbra