Graphic Novels for Everyone

Every day in the library, children read Graphic Novels. It is the busiest section of the library, the most popular, the most in demand, by the students. Many days in the library, I hear a parent or teacher make a comment about Graphic Novels being “dessert not the main meal”, “not a real book” or an instruction such as “don’t just check out picture books and graphic novels, you need to get some real books too”. These comments are not just directed at Middle Schoolers or Upper Elementary students, they are said in front of Kindergarten and Lower Elementary School students too.

Graphic Novels and Picture books can be accessible to all students. Admittedly, there are some really serious, heavy picture books and graphic novels that I would not want in the hands of some of our younger students, as they are too ‘grown up’, or sad, or violent, or plain old inappropriate; some students are not ready for them. But like Pernille Ripp mentions in her post for those that think Graphic Novels are easy:

For more reading on why Graphic Novels are not just worthy, but essential to our students, check out some of these posts.

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